New Era FinTech Podcast

New Era FinTech Podcast

A podcast about FinTech, banking, digital transformation and the world around it, with a strong focus on the Middle East region
November 30, 2023x
00:17:5316.38 MB

Episode 36: Slush, the awesome start-up event in Helsinki

Hello! In today's episode, I'm talking to you about Slush , one of the most exciting start...

November 29, 2023x
00:37:3434.41 MB

Episode 35: Recruiting top executive talent with Leathwaite

In today's episode I'm bringing you a talent-focused conversation for executives who are a...

November 09, 2023x
00:15:0013.75 MB

Episode 34: Zero to 10 - what does version 1 look like?

In this episode, I talk about my "Zero to 10 Approach" for managing executive ideas. You...

November 03, 2023x
00:14:2613.22 MB

Episode 33: The Pumpkin Emoji Test

In this episode, I am proposing a test for whether your bank is digital-first. Here's the test...

November 03, 2023x
00:10:309.62 MB

Episode 32: The end of the year approaches

Just yesterday I was talking with a CEO I work with regularly. He was hoping that a new project id...

October 13, 2023x
00:35:3032.51 MB

Episode 31: Nelson Wootton, CEO & Co-founder of SaaScada

In this episode, Bryan sits down with Nelson Wootton , CEO and co-founder of SaaScada , the next-g...

October 12, 2023x
00:26:2324.16 MB

Episode 30: Ali Noor, Senior Talent Partner at Lean Technologies

Hello! In today's episode, I'm discussing the business of talent acquisition with Ali Noor...

October 10, 2023x
00:26:4524.5 MB

Episode 29: Chris Purdie of Receiptable talks digital receipts

In this episode, I sat down with Chris Purdie, CEO of digital receipts firm, Receiptable , to unde...

October 02, 2023x
00:20:0618.41 MB

Episode 28: George Toumbev of NatWest Boxed

In today's episode, I'm interviewing George Toumbev, Chief Commercial Officer of NatWest Boxed. You...

September 28, 2023x
00:18:0116.5 MB

Episode 27: Stewart Lockie of Hansal International on Retail Banking, Data & Customer Experience

In today's episode, we're joined by Stewart Lockie, a long-standing senior retail banking ...

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